Trinetra House  Production Studio

Trinetra House Production Studio

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About Trinetra House Production Studio

A production studio is a huge business that has established facilities and makes many, many, many films, TV shows, music, and other things. Often a film studio rents locations, and makes deals, with production companies to do projects.​ A production company might just produce one movie. Sometimes they produce several (a slate). But generally, they don't own buildings, rent facilities, etc. ​ Trinetra House, production house, production studio, or a production team provides the physical basis for works in the realms of the performing arts, new media art, film, television, radio, comics, interactive arts, video games, websites, and video.


Employees: 1 to 10
Working Days: Monday to Saturday
Working Time: 9 to 9
Phone No: +91-9882700123
Contact Person: Kundan Dhiman
Company Name: Trinetra House Production Studio
Created: 11th February 2020
Last Updated: 23rd July 2021
Address: Vpo bhawarna, teh palampur, distt: Kangra, H.P, 176083

Services Provided by Trinetra House Production Studio

Digital Design, Television Advertising, Video Production

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