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Shimla, also known as Simla, official name until 1972, is the capital and largest city of the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. In 1864, Shimla proclaimed the summer capital of British India. After independence, the city became East Punjab's capital and later Himachal Pradesh's. It is the state's leading commercial, cultural and educational centre. Small villages are recorded before 1815, when British forces took control of the area. Climatic conditions prompted the British to establish the city in the jungles of the Himalayas. Shimla hosted many important political meetings as the summer capital, including the Simla Agreement of 1914 and the Simla Conference of 1945. After independence, Himachal Pradesh was born in 1948 following the amalgamation of 28 states. The city remained an important political centre even after independence, hosting the 1972 Simla Agreement. After the reorganization of the state of Himachal Pradesh, the present Mahasu district was named Shimla. Shimla is home to several colonial Tudorbethan and Neo-Gothic buildings and several temples and churches. Colonial architecture, churches, temples and natural surroundings around the city attract tourists. Central attractions downtown include Shri Hanuman Jakhu (statue), Jakhu Temple, Viceregal Lodge, Christ Church, Mall Road, The Ridge and Annadale. The northernmost point of the city centre is Jakhoo, the southernmost point is Annadale, the easternmost point is Sanjauli, and the westernmost point is Chotta Shimla. The British-built Kalka-Shimla Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a significant tourist attraction. Due to the steep terrain, Shimla hosts the MTB Himalaya mountain bike race, which started in 2005 and is considered the largest event of its kind in South Asia. Shimla also has the most significant natural skating rink in South Asia. In addition to being a tourist hub, the city is also an education hub with several colleges and research institutes. Find and hire a top agency or company for your next big project related to Digital Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Market Research, PR, Email Marketing, Mobile App Development, Web Design, Web application development, Media Planning and many more in India and other countries on AgencyNetwork.

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