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Jalandhar is the third most populous city in the Indian state of Punjab and the largest city in the Doaba region. Jalandhar is located along Grand Trunk Road and is a well-connected road and rail hub. Jalandhar is located 146 km (91 mi) northwest of the state capital Chandigarh, 83.5 km (51.9 mi) southeast of Amritsar, and 61.3 km (38.1 mi) north of Ludhiana. Jalandhar is about 381 km (230 mi) from the capital Delhi. The famous QL1 road cuts across from Jalandhar The history of Jalandhar district covers three periods - ancient, medieval and modern. The city may be named after Jalandhara, a Nath Guru, who was originally here. The city was founded by Devasya Verma as mentioned in the Vedas. Other possibilities include that it was the capital of the kingdom of Lava, son of Rama, or that the name is derived from the vernacular Jalandhar term, which means the area within the water, i.e. the strip between the two. Satluj and Beas rivers. The whole of Punjab and present-day Jalandhar district area were part of the Indus Valley Civilization. Harappa and Mohenjo-daro are the sites where the remains of the Indus Valley Civilization have been extensively discovered. Archaeological expeditions carried out in recent years have pushed back the antiquity of Jalandhar district to the Harappa period. Jalandhar and Doaba were conquered by the Ghaznavids during the reign of Ibrahim of Ghazni from 1058 to 1089. It later became part of Lahore province under the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal Empire. The 18th century saw upheavals in Jalandhar amid anarchy caused by the disintegration of the Mughals and power struggles involving the Persians, Afghans, and Sikhs. It was occupied by Faizullahpuria Misl in 1766, and in 1811, Maharaja Ranjit Singh incorporated it into the Sikh Empire. In 1849, after the East India Company annexed Punjab, the town of Jalandhar, written in English by Company officials as Jullundur, became the seat of the subdivision and district of the same name. In 1858, the Company's rule in India ended and the city became part of the British Raj. In the mid to late 19th century, the Punjab government considered Jullundur to be overpopulated and operating at full capacity. This resulted in the district becoming a major recruitment area for settlers who settled in the newly irrigated settlements on the Punjab Canal in western Punjab. The Khilafat movement started in this district in early 1920 to pressure the government to change its policy towards Turkey. Mahatma Gandhi expressed his sympathy and support for the movement, but in response, the area was declared a "declared area" under the Rowdy Council Act. In 1924, Pakistani army general and dictator Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq was born in the city. Before India was divided, Muslims were the majority in Jalandhar. According to the 1941 census, Muslims made up 45.2% of the population, compared with 27.6% and 26.5% of Hindus and Sikhs respectively. In 10 years, from 1941 to 1951, the Muslim population in Jalandhar fell from 45.2% to 0.2%. Find and hire a top agency or company for your next big project related to Digital Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Market Research, PR, Email Marketing, Mobile App Development, Web Design, Web application development, Media Planning and many more in India and other countries on AgencyNetwork.

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