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Haridwar is a town and municipality in Haridwar district in the state of Uttarakhand, India. With a population of 228,832 in 2011, it is the second largest city in the state and the largest in the county. The city is located on the right bank of the Ganges, at the foot of the Shivalik mountain range. Haridwar is considered a holy place by Hindus, hosts important religious events and serves as a gateway to several important places of worship. The most important event is the Kumbha Mela, held every 12 years in Haridwar. During the Haridwar Kumbh Mela, millions of pilgrims, devotees and tourists gather in Haridwar to perform ritual bathing on the banks of the Ganges to wash away sins and attain moksha. According to Puranic legend, Haridwar, along with Ujjain, Nashik and Prayag, is one of four places where drops of amrita, the elixir of immortality, accidentally fell from a kumbha (water jug) when they were received by the god bird Garuda. carried during Samudra. Manthana, or the churning of the ocean of milk. The Brahma Kund, where the amrita fell, is believed to be at Har ki Pauri (literally "God's footsteps") and is considered the holiest ghat in Haridwar. It is also the main center of the Kanwar pilgrimage, in which millions of people take part in collecting sacred water from the Ganges and transporting it hundreds of kilometers to be distributed as an offering at Shiva temples. Today, the city is growing beyond its religious significance with the rapidly growing industrial area of ??the State Industrial Development Corporation of Uttarakhand (SIDCUL) and the neighboring town of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), as well as the neighboring town of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL). its subsidiary branches. Haridwar presents a kaleidoscope of Indian culture and development. In sacred writings it has been variously described as Kapilsthan, Gangadwar and Mayapuri. It is also a passageway for Chota Char Dham (the four main pilgrimage sites of Uttarakhand). Later, Shaivites (followers of Shiva) and Vaishavites (followers of Vishnu) called the city Hardwar and Haridwar respectively, Har meaning Shiva and Hari, Vishnu respectively. Find and hire a top agency or company for your next big project related to Digital Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Market Research, PR, Email Marketing, Mobile App Development, Web Design, Web application development, Media Planning and many more in India and other countries on AgencyNetwork.

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