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Guwahati, formerly known as Gauhati, is the largest city in the Indian state of Assam and the largest municipality in northeastern India. Dispur, the capital of Assam, is located in the circular town area in Guwahati and is the seat of the Assam government. A large river port city with hills and one of the fastest-growing cities in India, Guwahati lies on the southern bank of the Brahmaputra River. It is called "Gateway to Northeast India". The ancient cities of Pragjyotishpura and Durjaya (Northern Guwahati) were the capitals of the ancient nation of Kamarupa. Many ancient Hindu temples like Kamakhya Temple, Ugratara Temple, Basistha Temple, Doul Govinda Temple, Umananda Temple, Navagraha Temple, Sukreswar Temple, Rudreswar Temple, Manikarneswar Temple, Aswaklanta Temple, Dirgheshwari Temple, Asvakranta Temple, Lankeshwar Temple, Bhubaneswari Temple, Shree Ganesh Mandir, Shree Panchayatana Temple, Noonmati, etc., are located within the city, earning it the title of "City of Temples". Guwahati is located between the banks of the Brahmaputra River and the foothills of the Shillong Plateau, with LGB International Airport to the west and the town of Narengi to the east. The North Guwahati area, on the northern bank of the Brahmaputra River, is gradually being incorporated into the city limits. The famous Madan Kamdev is located 30 kilometres (19 mi) from Guwahati. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation, the city's local government, manages 216 square kilometres (83 sq mi). At the same time, the Guwahati Urban Development Authority (GMDA) is the planning and urban development. of Greater Guwahati. Guwahati is the largest city in northeastern India. The Guwahati region is home to diverse wildlife, including rare animals such as Asian elephants, pythons, tigers, rhinos, gaurs, primates and endangered birds extinction. Find and hire a top agency or company for your next big project related to Digital Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Market Research, PR, Email Marketing, Mobile App Development, Web Design, Web application development, Media Planning and many more in India and other countries on AgencyNetwork.

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