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Coimbatore, also spelled Koyamputhur sometimes abbreviated as Kovai, is one of the major metropolitan cities in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. It is located on the banks of the Noyyal River and is surrounded by the Western Ghats. Coimbatore is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu after Chennai in terms of population and the 16th largest city in India according to the 2011 census. It is administered by Coimbatore Municipal Corporation and is the administrative capital of Coimbatore District. . In 1981, Coimbatore became the third municipality of Tamil Nadu after Chennai and Madurai. Podanur Junction is the oldest railway station in Coimbatore. The city is one of the largest exporters of jewelry, wet grinders, poultry and auto components; "Coimbatore Wet Grinder" and "Cotton Kovai Cora" are recognized as geographical indications by the government of India. As a center of the textile industry in South India, the city is sometimes referred to as the "Manchester of South India". It is ranked as the 7th best city in India in the Ease of Living Index 2020. The area around Coimbatore was ruled by the Cheras during the Sangam period between the 1st and 4th centuries AD and it served as the eastern entrance to the Palakkad Gap, the main trade route between the east coast west and Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore was located along the old Rajakesari Peruvazhi trade route that stretched from Muziris to Arikamedu in southern India. The medieval Cholas conquered Kongu Nadu in the 10th century AD. The area was ruled by the Vijayanagara Empire in the 15th century, after which the Nayak people introduced the Palayakkar system, whereby the Kongu Nadu area was divided into 24 Palayam. In the late 18th century, Coimbatore area belonged to the Kingdom of Mysore and after Tipu Sultan's defeat in the Anglo-Mysore War, the British East India Company incorporated Coimbatore into President Madras in 1799. Coimbatore area played a role. was of prime importance during the Second Poligar War (1801) when it was the site of Dheeran Chinnamalai's operations. In 1804, Coimbatore was established as the capital of the newly formed Coimbatore County and in 1866 it was given city status with Robert Stanes as president. Those who know the history of Coimbatore say November 24 used to be Coimbatore Day. The city experienced a textile boom in the early 19th century due to the decline of the cotton industry in Mumbai. After independence, Coimbatore experienced rapid development due to industrialization, including the introduction of 3 shopping centers in major locations. Coimbatore was ranked as the best emerging city in India by India Today in the 2014 Annual India Cities Survey. The city was ranked fourth among Indian cities for investment climate by Confederation of Indian Industry and 17th among best global outsourcing cities by Tholons. Coimbatore has been selected as one of the 100 Indian cities to be developed into smart cities under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's flagship Smart Cities mission. Coimbatore is consistently listed among the top 10 cities to live in India. Coimbatore was ranked as one of India's safest cities for women according to a 2015 National Crime Records Bureau report. Find and hire a top agency or company for your next big project related to Digital Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Market Research, PR, Email Marketing, Mobile App Development, Web Design, Web application development, Media Planning and many more in India and other countries on AgencyNetwork.

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