Social Media Executive

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Social Media Executive


Wed Nov 2021

As per Industry Standards



Experience: 2 years

Mode Of Interview: Telephonic,

Industry: Sports

Functional Area: ∙ Manages all social media channels, campaigns, and team members to sustain an engaging audience experience and to increase audience satisfaction. ∙ Researches and analyses social media trends, including social media ad revenue and web visitor data, to improve social media presence and campaign efficiency. ∙ Should have experience with the trends of Pop Culture

Employment Type: Full Time


∙ Planning

Participate in the development of marketing plan and contribute to objectives, strategies, and tactics that will push the objective of the platform

∙ Awareness

Produce content for all social media channels and is responsible for awareness and promotion to gain their audience satisfaction and to engage them.

∙ Keep Up to Date with any Social Media Trends

Up to date with any new changes on social media platforms is essential to stay ahead on social

media which is the best platform to promote your brand and engage viewers.

∙ Assist with Social Media Performance Report

A social media report includes the data and stats that matter to you, the time frame that is most

valuable to you, the way you track your progress and growth, etc.

∙ Planning of Marketing Strategies

Strategies can be wide like, posting daily content for continual growth, using images while

posting on social media, increasing exposure of your communities with social buttons, running a

campaign, leveraging social reviews to automate the marketing

Academic Qualification




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