Salesforce and WhatsApp Partners

21st September 2022
Salesforce and WhatsApp Partners

At Dreamforce 2022, the top CRM supplier in the world, Salesforce, and WhatsApp, the most widely used messaging platform, announced a new strategic relationship that would let Salesforce customers use WhatsApp to engage with their clients and create fresh messaging experiences.

On Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Meta, disclosed a new strategic alliance between Salesforce and WhatsApp, a messaging service owned by Meta. This "integration will help businesses build experiences to chat with customers on WhatsApp while being able to manage communication directly from the Salesforce platform", the company claims.

In a Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg stated: "We're partnering with Salesforce so all businesses that use their platform can use WhatsApp business messages to answer customer questions, run marketing campaigns, and sell directly in chat. More and more people prefer to communicate with businesses over text. That's why we launched our Cloud API earlier this year and are now partnering with Salesforce."

Salesforce is anticipated to integrate with WhatsApp Business Platform for Marketing Cloud in December 2022, with other integrations to follow in the months that follow.

All Salesforce clients worldwide will be able to use WhatsApp's Cloud API, allowing them to seamlessly manage their enterprises across all Salesforce Customer 360 applications and provide new experiences directly on WhatsApp.

Michael Affronti, General Manager of Messaging at Salesforce, stated, "Our customers are engaging audiences in the US and globally, which requires them to constantly find ways to improve the customer experience by connecting every customer touchpoint into a source of truth to create truly personalised experiences, at scale."

Salesforce wants to provide its customers access to WhatsApp-first business messaging as a new way to sell, market, and provide support directly from a chat in order to boost customer engagement, speed up sales, and improve customer service results.

"Whatsapp-first business messaging enables every Salesforce customer to provide personal and conversational experiences that increase sales, improve customer service, and engage customers wherever they are," added Affronti, General Manager of Messaging at Salesforce.

The software company also disclosed that texting is the preferred medium for client engagement and the next big thing in consumer engagement. It also stated that 66% of internet adults worldwide choose texting as a method of communication with businesses and that 90% of customers believe that a company's experiences are just as essential as its goods or services.

Salesforce claims that WhatsApp-first business messaging would enable the firms to provide simple, seamless, and individualised interactions between consumers and businesses throughout the world.

L'Oréal's Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, Asmita Dubey, stated: "As more customers use their mobile devices as their primary way to engage our brand, we need a single messaging solution that pulls in information across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT, to help us deliver personalised customer service, deliver product recommendations, and increase sales. Being able to do all of the above on WhatsApp as a single messaging platform could have a tremendous opportunity in beauty, to drive conversational commerce and build greater engagement."

Salesforce went on to say that this integration will revolutionise how brands communicate naturally with customers throughout interactions in marketing, commerce, and customer service. "And, companies will activate their customers directly through the brand-new Genie, a new data platform powering the world's first real-time CRM that delivers seamless, highly personalised experiences across sales, service, marketing, and commerce," it further stated.

In order to attract customers to a one-to-one chat experience, this would allow businesses to target audiences with real-time data that will inform their Click-to-WhatsApp advertising on Facebook and Instagram, it was added.

VP of Business Messaging at Meta, Matt Idema, stated, "Our expanded partnership with Salesforce is an exciting milestone, and it will significantly scale our ability to help brands offer even better customer experiences on WhatsApp. Between our two companies, we share the belief that messaging is the next era for businesses, and together we'll help more brands get started with WhatsApp to increase customer engagement, accelerate sales, and drive better outcomes for their business and for their customers."

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