5 Ways to Leverage Storytelling in Instagram Stories

Once upon a time, word of mouth marketing was the way forward. However social media is the core essence of modern-day content marketing. And the golden tools for modern-day marketers are Instagram and Instagram Stories.

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5 Ways to Leverage Storytelling in Instagram Stories


1. Evoke a Reaction

In a sea of stories, one great story will make a person react.

And when it comes to marketing, one of the best reactions you can induce is curiosity.

In fact, studies have shown that where information gaps exist, readers experience a sense of suspense, and this curiosity leads them to click for more information.

2. Mix Passion with Practicality

In the digital marketing industry, where 5% of branded content attracts 90% of the total engagement, great storytelling is needed more than ever.

However, great storytelling doesn’t mean a lot of storytelling. As always, quality over quantity should be the rule, and these days, where people prefer the fastest route possible, those quality stories need to be absorbed – quickly.

3. Combine Your Social Media Stories with Your Brand Story

Brand storytelling must start with a story. Businesses that are doing really well on social media have also adopted stories to let their customers know about their brand and their products. Social media stories marketing is one of the best ways to connect with your customers every day. 

4. Be Genuine

As we’ve seen with Shinola, social media marketing is used to tell your brand’s story, not simply to sell your service or product. Users/viewers can see quickly if you’re using it as just another tactic to make money, if they think your stories seem gimmicky or just not genuine. Storytelling means sharing what you stand for with your audience. It means stirring emotions and introducing value to your audience’s daily lives.

5. Create Aspirational Video

The brand has taken advantage of its very niche product by focusing on its dog-loving audience and creating content that directly resonates with these passionate customers through aspirational stories that inform, educate, and entertain.

Story Source : Digital Marketing Institute

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